Batman Forever

Judul Film-Film Terkenal Versi Bahasa Jawa

  • Enemy at The Gates = Musuhe Wis Tekan Gapuro
  • Batman Forever = Ngembat Saklawase
  • Remember The Titans = Kelingan Titan-titan
  • Die Hard = Matine Angel
  • Die Hard II = Matine Angel Tenan
  • Die Hard III With A Vengeance = Kowe Kok Ra Mati-Mati To?
  • Bad Boys = Bocah-bocah Uelek
  • Sleepless in Seattle = Klesikan neng Seattle

Batman Forever
Batman Forever
  • Lost in Space = Ilang Neng Awang-awang
  • Cheaper by Dozen = Tumbas Selusin Langkung Mirah
  • The Cooler = Selot Adem
  • Payback = Kasbon
  • Independence Day = Pitulasan
  • The Day After Tomorrow – Sesuke
  • Die Another Day = Modare Ojo Saiki
  • There is Something About Mary = Meri Ono Apa-apane
  • Silence of The Lamb = Wedhuse Mbisu
  • Planet of The Apes = Donyane Wong Apes
  • Gone in Sixty Second = Minggat Sakcepete
  • Original Sin = Dosa Tenanan
  • Mummy Returns = Mami-mami podo Mudik
  • The Abyss = Entek-entekan
  • Copycat = Kopi Kucing
  • Seabiscuit = Klethikan Neng Laut
  • Freddy vs Jason = Kerah
  • How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days = Piye Carane Megat Lanangan mung 10 Dino
  • The Lord Of The Rings = Juragan akik
  • Deep Impact = Ngantem Njero
  • Million Dollar Baby = Genjik Regone Sayuto
  • Saving Private Ryan = Ngelesi privat mas rian
  • Dumb and Dumber = Wong pekok lan luwih pekok

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